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Special welding

Posted in A.D. 4 septembar (EN)

In our "welding center" we perform special welding, hardfacing and repair welding.

From our range of services we can mention:
 - Welding alumijiuma and aluminum alloy (welding aluminum wheels, welding intake manifold of the engine, welding block and cylinder head, crankcase welding, welding cooler, welding hose cooling system climate, welding engine mount, aluminum welding sites, etc.).
 - Welding of all kinds of stainless steel;
 - Welding of unalloyed, low alloy and stainless steels;
 - Welding of copper and copper alloys;
 - Welding of cast iron and steel castings;
 - hardfacing.

Welding services perform the following steps (TIG / WIG, MMA, MIG, MAG and Gas). For most materials and welding processes possess welding procedure qualification (WPQR).

Services of special welding performed in our specialized workshop, as well as at the above address.