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Repair and maintenance

Posted in A.D. 4 septembar (EN)

Based on decades of experience the company "September 4" provides repair services of superior quality.
Experienced professionals and knowledge workers have been proven in several areas:
   - Overhaul of steam generators,
   - Overhaul of furnaces,
   - Overhaul process and pipe handling,
   - Overhaul of valves,
   - Repair of pumps,
   - Repair of heat exchangers,
   - Repair of pressure vessels,
   - Overhaul of air coolers,
   - Repair of compressor and fan,
   - Repair of reservoirs of liquid fuel.
Regular and thorough overhaul of extending the service life and allows long-term use of process plants, and excludes sudden failures and disruptions that cause high costs.

Complex conditions of exploitation disturb the functionality of complex installations and high quality maintenance improves the system and creates the conditions for a successful long term use.
We give maintenance services in several areas:
   - Maintenance of oil installations,
   - Maintenance of plants in the chemical industry,
   - Maintenance of power plants.