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Posted in A.D. 4 septembar (EN)

Jobs that the company "4. SEPTEMBAR" performed, can be grouped into the following:

  • The works in the oil industry,
  • The works in the chemical industry,
  • The works on enrgy facilities,
  • Works in shipyards,
  • Fabrication and assembly of metal constructions,
  • Locksmithing,
  • Stainless steel,
  • Welding school.

Those partners are proof of experience and expertise of our employees in the performance of complex and demanding tasks.

The company is in its long business trained over 500 welders who are now working in the most demanding projects on all continents.

The company has the necessary licenses to perform the most responsible work on the "Execution of mechanical installations and works on thermal power and HVAC systems, devices and pressure vessels (installation, repair, reconstruction and insulation)," issued by the relevant ministry.

Prerequisites for licensing are very strict and demanding in terms of physical, personnel, technical and material qualification, which proves that we are ready to meet the required quality.