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Production program

Posted in A.D. 4 septembar (EN)

The company has a modern equipped workshop for production of metal structures, preparation of pipelines, making small position for the process industry and the training of welders (welders).
The above-mentioned workshop we manufacture positions which our fitters installed in the field.

The company in addition to all the necessary tools and machines and possesses the most advanced pneumatic equipment for loosening and tightening all types of screw joints, as well as the latest devices for heat treatment of welded joints.

The product range consists of manufacturing of metal structures, Production of stainless steel, locksmith, welder training for all manual welding processes, and providing the following services:

  • Overhaul of steam generators,
  • repair of furnaces,
  • overhaul of the process for handling pipeline,
  • overhaul of valves,
  • repair of pumps,
  • repair of heat exchangers,
  • overhaul of the compressor fan,
  • overhaul of tanks for liquid fuel,
  • installation of equipment in the process industry,
  • Structural steelwork,
  • installation of tanks for liquid fuel,
  • installation of hot water and gas pipelines,
  • maintenance of oil installations,
  • maintenance of plants in the chemical industry,
  • maintenance of thermal power plants,
  • carrying out welding works,
  • heat treatment of welded joints,
  • mehaničko i hidrostaticko čišcenja aparta i postrojenja,
  • special welding,
  • locksmith welding works,
  • processing of stainless metal.