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Quality Policy

Posted in A.D. 4 septembar (EN)

The Mission of existence and operations of the company "4. SEPTEMBAR" realized by satisfaction of the needs and desires of stakeholders. The staff and owner of the company realize its interests through achievement of complete satisfaction of customers and end users of products and services and to meeting the needs of the community and the interests of business partners, "4. SEPTEMBAR" in market concept of business relations. The company "4. SEPTEMBAR" establishes high standards of work processes in the area of ​​maintenance and overhaul of industrial plants, the processing industry and the production and installation of all types of metal structures. Standard quality products and services is the basis of the business strategy, which ensures the unity of all interests, long-term survival in the market and steady development of the company.

Achievement of the overall goal to the quality of its products and services is among the leading companies in the region and beyond, and ensuring effective management and continuous quality growth "4. SEPTEMBAR" will be achieved through the exercise of the following


  • The establishment, maintenance, constant improvement and international certification of quality management systems according to ISO 9001: 2000;
  • Each year, through seminars or visit the renowned trade fairs or exhibitions, conduct training of key personnel in order to learn about new trends and technologies related to the company's operations, which will be able to animate and motivate all employees to the maximum attention and to raise the quality of their work;
  • Standard quality products will be provided through programs of surveillance, control and review of the following essential characteristics:                                                                                                                          
  • - Cost competitiveness,
    - Strict adherence to the standards and norms which prescribe certain producers plant,
    - Fulfillment ugovoenih deadlines,
    - Reducing the additional cost arising from the non-conformities in work processes and additional works.
  • Providing continual improvement of the essential characteristics of the service, and thus the overall performance of the business, "4. SEPTEMBAR" will carry out the constantly increasing capacity of business processes:
    - Contracting and preparation of the work process,
    - Increase customer satisfaction through the quality of materials and performed works within the set timeframe,
    - Reducing the total cycle time making products through the improvement of the functions of planning and project management functions and the development of enterprises,
    - Increasing the level of operational readiness of human resources and labor resources by continuously improving products.

Teslić in June of 2009.

Quality management representative Milos Jelic, director Velibor Jelić