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Posted in A.D. 4 septembar (EN)

The company "4.SEPTEMBAR" was founded in 1964 as a unit fledged maintenance Distillation Teslic and has since successfully performs maintenance, repair and assembly of the process and the metals industry.
During several decades of existence, the company had a number of organizational transformation.

First operated as part of the Sarajevo "Energoinvest", then as part of the "Air" Sarajevo, and then as part of Doboj "Trudbenik" and since 1986 it has been operating independently as a state enterprise. The last transformation was carried out in 2001 and since then the company operates as well as privatized, ie. as a joint stock company.

The company "4. SEPTEMBAR" has created several successful companies including: "Precision Engineering", "geophones" and "Factory compressor equipment".

TThe company "4. SEPTEMBAR" is today one of the most successful companies in the field of maintenance, repair and assembly of industrial plants and issue and installation of metal structures in the former Yugoslavia and beyond. This work confirmed that the company drew on the most demanding jobs, as well as licenses and certificates that the company owns.

During his many years of business the company has created a "center for welding", in which you can train welders for all manual welding procedures, as well as all arrayed special welding (aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steels, cast iron, and all types of alloy and non-alloy steel ).