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Welcome to our website

Joint-stock company "4. SEPTEMBAR" from Teslic nearly half a century successfully performs machine maintenance, repair and assembly of industrial plants and structures on the local and foreign market.

The activity consists of providing services in the field of repair, installation and maintenance in the process industry, shipbuilding, energy facilities, and the development and installation of all types of structures and pipelines.

Within the company's "WELDING CENTER", which was organized schools where welding is carried out training of welders for all manual welding processes (TIG / WIG, MMA, MIG, MAG and Gas).

Within the Center we provide welding special welding, hardfacing and repair welding on all types of materials (aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steels, cast iron, alloyed and unalloyed steels etc.).

The company has all necessary licenses and certificates which are necessary for the works in the area concerned.

Company headquarters is in Teslic, ul. M. Rajkovic, a business unit in Novi Sad, ul. Put Šajkaškog odreda bb.

web: www.ad4septembar.com

e-mail: ad4septembar@hotmail.com